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Optimism Airdrop

Optimism is a layer 2 chain that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Optimism reduces transaction fees and speeds up Ethereum transactions. While every transaction happens on the Optimism, the data is posted to Ethereum and validated there.

The Optimism Foundation’s Airdrop #1 rewards those who have been instrumental as early adopters and active users of projects in the Optimism ecosystem. To celebrate their Ethereum roots, The Optimism Foundation also wants to welcome active L1 participants who can help scale Ethereum’s innovations, culture, and values to Layer 2. In total, 248,699 addresses are eligible to claim OP in this initial airdrop.

Claim Your Tokens

  1. Goto the Optimism airdrop claim page
  2. Connect your wallet, i.e. Metamask
  3. Check your eligibity
  4. Claim your OP tokens
Claim Optimism Airdrop